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Title: Effects of aerobic fitness and aerobic exercise on visual attention and working memory performance
Authors: Singh, Eshwerjyot
Supervisor: Naveen
Keywords: Physical exercise, Aerobic Fitness, Visual Attention, Working Memory
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2019
Abstract: The effect of physical exercise on barin and cognitive functioning have atteracted many reserchers in recent decades. The present investigation has examined the effect of physical exercise and aerobic fitness on visual attention and working memory performance. Sixty three participants between the age range of 18-30 years took part in this study All participants were healthy and had no records of medical history of cardiovascular disease, asthma, and brain injuries. A 2 (Exercise: No exercise and 1 mile running) × 2 (Aerobic Fitness: Low and High) mixed factorial design was used in this study. Aerobic fitness was determined by the VO2max score obtained through Rockport test. Aerobic fitness was between subject factor, whereas physical exercise used as within subject factor. There were two dependent variable visual attention and working memory. Performance on visual attention and working memory task was recorded in terms of reaction time on TMT-A and TMT-B..Analysis of variance results revealed significant effect of physical exercise on visual attention and working memory. Physical exercise improved their response time when compared to pre-exercise test. Results further revealed better performance on visual search and working memory among high aerobic fitness participants as compared to their counterpart low aerobic fit group. The obtained findings are in line with the previous research explain that exercise is a agent that can significantly affect the brain function. The findings of the present study can be useful in the are of sports and work settings where higher attention and working memory is required
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