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Title: Environmental Impact Assessment For NH-73 (New NH-344) From Barwala To Panchkula (KM 157.190 TO KM 176.430)
Authors: Mathur, Puranjay
Supervisor: Yadav, Bholu Ram
Ratha, Dwarika Nath
Keywords: EIA;National Highways;Noise Pollution
Issue Date: 17-Oct-2018
Abstract: The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a systematic investigation of both positive and negative impacts on the physical, biological and socio-economic environment, which would be caused or induced due to a proposed developmental project. EIA provides a plan to reduce the negative environmental effects of proposed development project through alternative approaches, design modifications and remedial measures. Highway construction is a major activity of economic development especially in developing countries. Road development is major source of damage to the environment, including ecological destabilization, habitat disturbance and damage to flora and fauna. In this study analyses of the environmental impacts likely to occur due to the proposed widening of a 19.2 km stretch of NH-73 (new NH-344) from Panchkula to Barwala. The report highlights the importance of EIA in the sustainable development of highway project. The study concentrates on the EIA of the project in the light of the existing situation at the site. The parameters covered in study are Socio-Economic, Ecological, Soil & Noise. Samples of soil were taken to analyse their present conditions and were compared to the other set of samples collected from the nearest agricultural area. Minimal soil contamination was observed. Noise levels were found exceeded permissible limits during night time. Qualitative measure of the socio-economic factor was calculated by comparing the results of two surveys done for experts and local public.
Description: Master of Engineering- CIE
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