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Title: A Finite Element Solution of Dusty Williamson Fluid with Marangoni Convection
Authors: Bansal, Kajal
Supervisor: Sharma, Sapna
Keywords: Finite Element Method;Dusty Williamson Fluid;Marangoni Convection
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2018
Abstract: The present study aspires us to deal with applications of computational uid dynamics. The first chapter contains basics of Fluid Dynamics and its math- mathematical formulation. It includes Navier Stoke's equations on the basis of fundamental laws of Physics which goverened the fluid flow phenomenon. In this chapter some existing methods are discussed to solve the incompressible Navier-Stoke's equation. In Fluid Dynamics, a system of dierential equations with heat transfer is considered. With reference to this, the second chapter contains the basics of heat transfer and dierent modes of heat tranfers. The review of FEM i.e finite element method is given in detail in third chapter. FEM is choosen because of its advantages and compuational applications in field of physics and mathematics over other numerical techiques. After elemen- tary studies, A problem of boundary layer flow and heat transfer is formulated in last chapter. In the given problem Marangoni convection flow of Dusty Williamson Nanouid is studied. The results under both linear and quadratic variation of surface temperature is accounted. Numerical results are carried out for important parameteres namely Radiation parameter, Williamson pa-rameter and Dust parameter.
Description: Master of Science- Mathematics
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