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Title: A Modified Technique for Brain MRI Categorization Using 3-DGPR Method
Authors: Rani, Ankita
Supervisor: Aggarwal, Ashish
Keywords: Brain Image;PCA;GLCM
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2018
Abstract: Innovation in medical field and advancements in technology for treating patients towards a healthy living and cure for their ailment is possible through successful researches by the efficient researchers. Invent of every new medicine and treatment involves a great number of people who gather together for a healthy study. In the past, in the absence of advanced technology, treatments were often given to patients based on guesses by the doctors which turned out to be a failure in most of the cases. Good research has removed such guess works from medical field in recent days. Research in medical science evolves many methods of good treatment, care and cure for the patients. Each year, more than 19,000 people in the United States, 10,000 people in Canada and 9000 people in India are diagnosed with brain tumor. The overall incidence of all brain tumors is 100,000 people per year. Although as many as 70% of children diagnosed with brain tumors survive, but they are often left with long-term side effects. Recently most of the research works are based on early detection of brain tumor and its reliability. This thesis is based on MRI brain tumor detection by segmentation using various soft computing techniques.
Description: Master of Technology- CS
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