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Title: Study on Flexural Properties of Ultra High Performance Concrete
Authors: Ashish
Supervisor: Kumar, Maneek
Bansal, Sahil
Keywords: Ultra High Performance Concrete;Flexural Strength;Silica Fume;GGBS;Nano Silica
Issue Date: 24-Aug-2018
Abstract: Concrete is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. Concrete plays a vital role in the development of infrastructure like as building, bridge, tunnels and highways etc. leading to utilization of large quantity of concrete. So, the demand of new type of concrete increase day by day which have high compressive strength, tensile strength, durability and serviceability of concrete for a long span time. UHPC is a cementitious material exhibiting enhanced mechanical and durability properties, having low water to binder ratio less than 0.25, which help to reduce the cost of structure by reducing the cross-section of structural member. The mechanical properties of UHPC include compressive strength should be greater than 120 MPa. Due to the high compressive and tensile strength of UHPC allows to redesign and optimize structural members. Due to the great plastic and hardening properties of UHPC which does not require the reinforcement which help the built of complicated member of the structure with having high durability. The objective of this study was to find the compressive strength and flexural property of UHPC with three different percentage of steel fibers (i.e. 0.5%, 1% and 1.5%) by volume of cement with cementitious material like nano silica, silica fume and ground granulated blast slag (GGBS) or alccofine as a partial replacement used. The silica fume, nano silica was kept at 8% and 2% respectively and alccofine was varied (10%, 15% and 20%) with cement. The water-binder ratio used was 0.18. The test result shows that the percentage of steel fibers and alccofine effect the compressive as well as the flexural strength of the UHPC. The compressive and flexural strength of UHPC is reported best at 1.5% steel fibers and 10% alccofine. A comprehensive literature review is carried out for better understanding of compressive and flexural property of UHPC which is compiled from many references representing research, development and deployment efforts around the world, this thesis report provides a framework for gaining a well understanding of UHPC.
Description: Master of Engineering- Structures
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