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Title: Techno – Commercial comparison of wastewater treatment technologies
Authors: Kapil, Akshit
Supervisor: Rajor, Anita
Mohta, Ankit
Keywords: MBBR;MBR;Wastewater
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2018
Abstract: Wastewater treatment plants based on different technologies are in practice. Varied claims are being made on their performance efficiency as suitability. In most of the situations, these claims are made on the basis of evaluation of different plants. A technical and commercial basis for comparison of these plants has done. In this study an attempt was made to evaluate the performance of the treatment plants based on MBBR and MBR, operating under similar conditions. In the present study, the membrane bio reactor MBR is the promising technology for the biological treatment of domestic as well as the industrial wastewater. Interestingly, the technology has the considerable scope to reduce the operation and maintenance cost with better efficiency. The filtration based system is suitable for the treatment of domestic wastewater and proper solid liquid separation.
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