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Title: Design and Develop Autonomous UAV to Identify the Target with Precision
Authors: Sharma, Salil
Supervisor: Singh, Maninder
Keywords: Autonomous;Drones;Artificial Intelligence
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2018
Abstract: Taking facial images and comparing it with target's face, results in Integration of drones with facial recognition. Targets can be Identified by certain set of raw images which will be matching at a certain heights of drones. The drone which is having a decision making ability results the landing of drone near to target. Thinking about the different mission prerequisites, the multi-UAV framework is fit for changing the network architecture or adding more UAV hubs to accomplish the required framework limit. The UAV system is improved with attainable haul and cruising capability and distinct data delivery results in value of production and distribution. Working face recognition on drones, keeping in mind the end goal is to develop the drones for a military warfare, Drone to take out of facial pictures taken from different altitudes with different angles for assessing how a face recognition system functions in perceiving assigned faces from the air to identify the target with precision. The Drones is semi-autonomous with Pixhawk and having capability of making its own decisions. The mission we would like to design and develop UAV system which will identify target even if environment may have walls or trees so drones. UAV will constitutes obstacle avoidance as the drone propeller might hit them. Initially the drone lands near to targets. When target is Identified not mere landing but we can hit, follow, shoot the target. The major contribution of this thesis is a Python and open CV based drone-vision/
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