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dc.contributor.supervisorJain, Vivek-
dc.contributor.supervisorGupta, Dheeraj-
dc.contributor.authorSingh, Amanpreet-
dc.description.abstractBone burring has been in regular use in various surgical operations with its high demand. To minimize invasions of the surgeries and to increase preciseness of the grinding, there is continuous advancements in surgical methods in field of orthopaedic, dental and neuro surgeries. One such novel method that utilizes burring with assistance of ultrasonic vibration is known as abrasive coated rotary ultrasonic burring (ACRUB). Thermal and mechanical injuries to the bone tissue are the main concern in bone burring. Abrasive coated rotary ultrasonic burring (ACRUB) is a non-traditional machining process that combines rotary ultrasonic process with computer numerical control (CNC) machine. It comprises of a piezoelectric transducer attached to a rotary spindle with diamond bur connected to give rotary and ultrasonic motion to bur. No study has been reported on ACRUB of bovine bone. The aim of this thesis was to provide a surgical method to grind the bone with ACRUB and reduce the thermal damages and normal force to aid in removing thermal necrosis of the tissues. A Taguchi L9 method was applied in dry conventional grinding (DCG) of bone with input parameters as spindle speed, feed-rate and depth of cut. An optimum set of parameters was obtained and then in next study, these parameters were considered to compare dry ACRUB with DCG in which half ACRUB and half DCG was done in 5 mm length of cut. Then same parameters were tested with ACRUB with coolant. It was observed that ACRUB is superior to DCG, and temperature about 25 °C was obtained which remove any chances of thermal necrosis.en_US
dc.subjectBone burringen_US
dc.subjectCortical boneen_US
dc.subjectAbrasive coated rotary ultrasonic burringen_US
dc.subjectTaguchi L9 experimenten_US
dc.subjectThermal Necrosisen_US
dc.titleInvestigation on Cortical Bone Grinding Using Ultrasonic Actuationsen_US
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