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Title: Automation of Enterprise Product Integration Testing
Authors: Ashish
Supervisor: Modi, Shatrughan
Keywords: Automation Testing;Automated Integrated testing;Types of testing;test life cycle
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2018
Abstract: It is vital in any industry especially in IT to provide the right useful product to the desired customer with all the quality checks i.e. best quality one can ensure and that too at the right time. If we try to check the quality manually then a lot of time will be consumed as various input combinations has to be checked and it’s also difficult to find all the defects because of human error. Moreover, it is costly, in term of resources, to manually analyze all results. These limitations were the main motivation behind this work so that we can overcome the limitations of manual testing on enterprise products using automation. If we talk about manual testing, any change in the hardware configuration or a bit of change in source code leads to repetition of entire process. But in case of automation we have already pre-defined steps written through code that have to be followed and it is also very helpful in analyzing the results. Through automation we also gets a report for every run with all the details that can be used further for analysis purpose. One can also find the reason of failure of script through result that is generated through automation. Enterprise Integration Testing (EIT) Tools and Utilities is what we came as a solution for automation. The major functionalities that comes under this are, EIT Tools, EIT Task Management, EIT Dashboard and EIT Reports with multiple utilities under each of them. After using EIT Tools for regression testing, we came to know the most frequent reasons which were degrading the software quality and once these factors are highlighted then the preventive measures can be taken to improve the software quality.
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