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Title: Business Administration Platform Management through Budget Editor Tool
Authors: Aggarwal, Pallavi
Supervisor: Batra, Shalini
Keywords: Data Governance;Excel
Issue Date: 25-Jul-2018
Abstract: Every Corporation or institution needs an efficient tool for data organization and data maintenance and when we have to do it manually then it becomes difficult and complex. Budget Editor is basically used for Business Administration Platform Management. Budget Editor is an efficient Data Governance tool and automated tool used for the organizations. This tool has been used by the supervisors and managers to maintain and organize the important data. Tool distinguishes about the designing and the certain outcomes. It provides user interface which is made in Microsoft Excel from where user can extract and analyze data in tabular format as well as regular format. Tool can generate various types of report which contains required data with default conditions and calculations, so that we can easily reach to a conclusion by this kind of specific data. This tool shows the responsibility and role of people under all the organizations.
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