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Title: EIT Configuration Toolkit
Authors: Mittal, Neha
Supervisor: Miglani, Sumit
Keywords: EIT;Configuration;Utility;Toolkit
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2018
Abstract: It is important in software industry to deliver the right product at the right time to customer with all the quality checks. Enterprise manual testing becomes difficult and time consuming if one tries various input combinations. Moreover, it is costly to manually analyze all results. This project is motivated by the drawbacks of manual regression testing and how to overcome those drawbacks using automated tools. In case of manual testing, changes in source code, hardware configuration or operating system leads to repetition of whole process. These efforts can be reduced by means of an automation. Automation testing does the predefined actions written through code and it is also helpful in analyzing result. Automating this process also serves as a reporting solution which reports the success or failure of a particular test along with the reason of failure. For doing it, we came up with an Enterprise Integration Testing [EIT] Tools and Utilities which are used by the EIT team to manage their day to day integration testing. It contains four major functionalities, EIT Dashboard, EIT Reports, EIT Tools, EIT Task Management with multiple utilities under each of them.
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