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dc.contributor.supervisorSharma, Sumeet-
dc.contributor.supervisorGangacharyulu, D.-
dc.contributor.authorKumar, Abhishek-
dc.description.abstractAn energy audit is feasibility study to establish and quantify the cost of various energy inputs to and flows within a factory or an organisation in a given period. Energy Audit of Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant has been considered out. The aim is to calculate all the losses and give measures to rectify them and calculate the economic benefits after taking measures of rectification of losses. The Energy Audit of NTPC Dadri is done. The plant is having capacity of 2649 MW from coal and 829 MW from gas-based station. More has been focused on heat losses in coal fired steam generator, economiser, air preheater and loss Marshal Yard to steam generator. After doing this study we came to know that boiler is having maximum losses followed by air preheater and economiser. The study is based on ASME BOILER TEST CODE method, BUREUEU OF ENERGY EFFICIANCY and GUDELINES FOR THERMAL POWER PLANT (INDO GERMAN ENERGY PROGRAM). Some national and international literature related to the Energy Audit is presented here and explained by giving there results. The methods used for efficiency of boiler is direct and indirect method thus there is also comparison and we can easily find out where the losses take place and where is the maximum possibility of energy savings. The second law efficiency of Economiser, Air Preheater are given here. The problem and limitations with available literature are listed here. From the investigation of this thesis, it is observed that the overall plant performance changes with the small variation in the output loads. From the calculation it can be easily concluded that the overall efficiency of the plant decreases with the decrease in the requirement of output load. Output Load of the thermal power plant depends on the demand of electricity. As the demand of electricity decreases, the output load of the thermal power plant decreases, and the overall efficiency of the plant is also lower because electricity cannot be stored so the plant is running on partial load. Now if the thermal power plant run at Full Output Load the overall efficiency of the plant is much higher. Boiler first law efficiency is 77.72 % and second law efficiency is 29.97%. Second law efficiency of economiser is 44.69 %. Second law efficiency of air preheater is 39.60 %.en_US
dc.titleEnergy Audit of Coal Fired Thermal Power Planten_US
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