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Title: A Robust and Secure Reversible Data Ebedding Algorithm
Authors: Arora, Divya
Supervisor: Verma, Anil Kumar
Keywords: Image encryption;Reversible data hiding;Lagrange's interpolation;Image sampling
Issue Date: 27-Jul-2018
Abstract: Data security is considered vital as leakage of confidential information (privacy) is a major concern now-a-day. Reversible data hiding is one of the technique(s) to preserve privacy. In the proposed work, the robustness and security concerns has been tackled to make sure the information is not stolen or corrupted. Security is ensured at every level with image encryption, subsampling of image and with strong data embedding algorithm. The proposed work combines the work of cryptography and data hiding into the image. The presented work maintains the privacy and thus providing security of data. The method comprises of three different steps namely, image encryption followed by sampling of image and data embedding. By making use of Lagrange’s polynomial the data and image are segregated. The results show that the cover image is extracted without any distortion.
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