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Title: A Study of MHD Couple Stress Casson Fluid Flow Over A Stretching Sheet with Hall Effects
Authors: Bansal, Cheenu
Supervisor: Nandkeolyar, Raj
Keywords: Couple Stress, Casson Fluid, Magnetic Radiation, Hall Current
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2018
Abstract: The thesis is divided into four chapters in which Chapter-1 is introductory, which presents some basic terminology and history of the research in fluid mechanics. Chapter-2 presents a theoretical study of the unsteady three dimensional flow of a couple stress Casson over a linearly stretching sheet under the effects of Hall current, radiative heat transfer, and Newtonian heating at the surface of the sheet. In Chapter-3, the work presented in Chapter-2 is extended to consider the effects of nanoparticles by including the effects of thermopherosis and Brownian diffusion. Lastly, in Chapter-4, the significant findings of the thesis and the scope for future work is presented. Chapter 1 is the introductory which presents a brief history of fluid dynamics along with an outline of the most important contributions made by several researchers on the topics of fluid dynamics. This chapter then presents a short account on the various types of fluids, types of fluid flow, the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) phenomena, and the Hall effects with its applications. The main idea of this chapter is to introduce some of the basic terms used in the later parts of the thesis. Chapter-2 theoretically investigates the unsteady three dimensional flow of a couple stress Casson fluid over a linearly stretching sheet in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. The effects of Hall current and radiative heat transfer is taken into account while the effect of induced magnetic field is neglected. The surface of the sheet is assumed to be heated via a Newtonian heating process by some external means. The fluid flow phenomena is modelled in terms of nonlinear partial differential equations along with suitable boundary conditions. A set of similarity transformations were then utilized to obtain nonlinear ordinary differential equations from the governing partial differential equations, which were then solved by a spectral method based quasilinearization technique, known as, spectral quasilinearization technique (SQLM). Important results concerning the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, as well as, related to skin-friction, heat and mass transfer coefficients, were obtained in the form of graphs and table. The effects of presence of nanoparticles in the base fluid on the fluid flow problem considered in Chapter-2 is presented Chapter-3. Thus, Chapter-3 is devoted to study the transient hydromagnetic three dimensional flow of a couple stress Casson nanofluid over a linearly stretching sheet including the effects of Hall current and radiative heat transfer. The fluid flow model considered in this chapter incorporates the effect of the thermopherosis and Brownian diffusion which arise due to the presence of nanoparticles in the base fluid. The solution process is same as adopted in Chapter-2 and the results are discussed with the help of graphs and tables.
Description: M.Sc. (Mathematics and Computing) dissertation
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