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Title: Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Hybrid Power System under Dereguated Environement
Authors: Pant, Aayush
Supervisor: Prakash, Surya
Keywords: Load Frequency Control(LFC);Automatic Genration Control(AGC);Genar-tion Rate Constant(GRC);Boiler Dynamics, Area Control Error(ACE);Deregulation;DISCO Participation Factor(DPM);Artificial Neural Network(ANN);Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Infrence System(ANFIS),;Non-Regressive (NARMA-L2);Model Reference Controller(MRC)
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2018
Abstract: The ever-growing demand in the power sector has led to new advancements in the system such as integration renewable and distributed sources. This research deals with the influence of such sources on the frequency response of the system under the deregulated domain. A multi-area LFC model is proposed which has a combination of both conventional and distributed GENCOs where each one of them has its independent controller. In the first area Thermal with GRC & boiler dynamics, Hydro with GRC and Wind are considered. Second area consists of Thermal with GRC & Boiler Dynamics, Hydro with GRC and Diesel. Whereas third area comprises of Thermal with GRC & Boiler Dynamics, Hydro with GRC and Solar GENCOs. As each GENCO have its independent controller, a total of eight controllers are used. For deregulated environment Disco Participation Matrix for each scenario (Pool Co, Bilateral & Contract Violation) are developed. First conventional controllers (PI & PID) are used for keeping the system under steady state condition. The data obtained from these controllers is used for tuning artificial neural network-based controllers (NARMA-L2 & Model Reference Controller). After which Fuzzy controller was implemented in the system. Values of error i.e. ACE, change in error(d/dt of ACE) and output of Fuzzy controller were then used for training, checking and testing of ANFIS based controller. Simulation was carried out for all three deregulated scenarios. The research shows effect of deregulation and renewable penetration in the system with comparative study of con-troller performances.
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