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Title: Frequency Regulation of Interconnected Power System with the Introduction of Communication Delay In Smart Grid
Authors: Sagotra, Rushil
Supervisor: Badoni, Manoj
Singh, Vijay Pratap
Keywords: LFC PI;H-Infinity V2G
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2018
Abstract: The aim of load frequency control (LFC) for any power quarter lies only for control of frequency and tie line scheduled power within the confines of acceptable bounds. Presenting restructuring of power territory made us to analyze that standard of power distribution and generation has become the need of hour. The dissertation work includes with control scheme in combination with the PI controller. The tie line power perturbations and the frequency perturbations have been foreshortened due to entanglement of non-exhaustible resources with the traditional two area system have been modeled. The procure with traditional controller staging is compared for working with multiple uncertainty based H∞ controller and results claimed proved predominant for the proposed control. The remarkable outcome of communication delay has given my model a different perspective in the area of modernized grid. Delaying of signal in the larger system can make sluggish control feedback to the network and may become reason for system power miscarriage. Thus, propound model control finds its culmination ascribed to communication delay. Different specimens have been analyzed for ensuring the robust working of the developed model. The model is considered for different penetrations of vehicle to grid (V2G) contrivance.
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