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Title: Receptors Based on Diphenylether and its Aza Analogues for Ion Recognition using Potentiometry
Authors: Kaur, Harpreet
Supervisor: Mittal, Susheel
Chhibber, Manmohan
Keywords: Receptors;Diphenylether;Triphenylether;Potentiometry;Membrane
Issue Date: 27-Oct-2017
Abstract: Few receptor molecules based on the derivatives of di-, triphenylether and their aza analogues were designed, synthesized and characterized as chemical sensors. Ionophoric potential of these receptors was then explored using potentiometric, theoretical and U.V.-Visible studies. All the ionophores were used to fabricate PVC based liquid membrane ISEs for the respective ions. Diphenylether based ionophores were found to be selective towards Fe2+ ions, whereas triphenylether derivatives show affinity for Ca2+ ions. Diphenylamine based ionophores DPA and TPA were found to show strong complexation with Zn2+ and Ni2+, respectively
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