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Title: Influence of Process Parameters on Bioactivity of CaF2-MgF2 Containing Borosilicate Glass Ceramics
Authors: Arora, Anandita
Supervisor: Singh, Kulvir
Keywords: Borosilicate;Glass ceramics;Crystalline Phases;in-vitro method;Bioactive
Issue Date: 29-Sep-2017
Publisher: Thapar University
Abstract: Calcium and magnesium fluoride containing borosilicate glass ceramics with the composition 52SiO2-18B2O3-(30-x) MgF2-x CaF2 (x = 5,30) are synthesized by sol-gel chemical route. During synthesis, the process parameters are changed along with change in solvent. Samples are prepared using inorganic compounds (calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, boric acid, tetra ethyl ortho silicate (TEOS) and hydrofluoric acid) in de-ionized water. The as prepared samples are studied by various techniques to study the effect of process parameters on structural correlated properties. The XRD patterns of the samples exhibit different crystalline phases. The crystallinity index of these phases changes with process parameters. The bioactivities of these as prepared samples are checked by in-vitro method. The heat treated samples show some bioactive properties.
Description: Master of Science -Physics
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