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Title: ABE Based Secure Distributed Storage Scheme for Big Data in Cloud
Authors: Jain, Bhawna
Supervisor: Bhatia, Tarunpreet
Verma, A. K.
Keywords: Big data;Security;RSA;ASDSS;XOR;SA-EDS
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2017
Abstract: Cloud computing is an emerging field of research. Data security and privacy both are crucial issues that may become an obstacle in various cloud applications. Cloud computing consists of retrieving data and storing programs over the internet rather than processor’s hard drive. The cloud is just a symbol for the Internet. There are various attractive offers given by the cloud vendors for storage service. They provide scalable and gigantic storage space for its users like Drop box, Amazon, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s One Drive. Security is one the major issue in the cloud. Cloud service providers want to secure their infrastructure and software platforms from the hackers. The users ensure that provider has taken proper security action to protect their data. So there is a need to enhance security of the cloud. There are various encryption techniques available like RSA, Blowwfish, XOR, DES, AES etc. Every technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. The existing techniques are not that much good for security purposes. To overcome this problem, a novel technique has been proposed based on three different keys. In proposed work, different keys have been used for the encryption and decryption purpose. In the proposed work, ABE based secure distributed storage scheme for big data in the cloud (ASDSS) has been proposed to provide security for the massive distributed data for big data in different clouds. In ASDSS technique, KP-ABE scheme has been used for encryption and decryption purposes. CloudSim is used for simulation purpose. Experimental results shows that proposed scheme is secure and takes less time for data storage as well as data retrieval. For the performance analysis, we have compared ASDSS technique with SA-EDS, XOR, RSA and Blowfish. Proposed technique is more efficient in terms of data storage and data retrieval as it takes less time than other techniques in both parameters.
Description: Master of Engineering -Information Security
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