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Title: Development of Nanoadjuvants using Polymeric Carrier to Enhance Immune Response
Authors: Arora, Khayati
Supervisor: Agnihotri, Shekhar
Baranwal, Manoj
Keywords: Vaccines;Immunigen;Adjuvant;Polymeric Carier;Cytotoxicity
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Abstract: Vaccines are the most successful scientific invention which is being utilized for the various diseases when any foreign antigen enters the body. An immune response is generated during the entry of an antigen which is mainly less immunogenic. Due to the less immunogenic immune response by some vaccines, the need of adjuvant has been raised. The most commonly used adjuvants are the aluminum adjuvants which are used for the human vaccination. But due to low efficiency, low stability, tolerability, and toxicity polymeric carrier for adjuvant are used. So there is a need for the development of new adjuvants so that they can benefit the field of immunology. In the present research polymeric carrier using sodium alginate / Chitosan beads were formed in which the peptide was encapsulated. RAW bead interaction assay, MTT assay were performed in order to characterize the peptide loaded beads. Therefore, the effect of Chitosan/sodium alginate beads (with and without peptide) on peripheral blood mononuclear (PBMC) and RAW 264.7 cell lines were observed. Sodium alginate beads were found to have no effect on PBMC as the absorbance value was found similar to that for cells. While Chitosan mixed sodium alginate beads were found to have little higher absorbance than cells only. When the effect of the beads was evaluated on Raw 264.7 cell line, it was observed that the absorbance is close to cells o1nly for both beads. Hence, these beads have no cytotoxic effect on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and RAW 264.7 cell line. In peptide encapsulated sodium alginate/ Chitosan beads PBMC interacted and proliferated more efficiently in the presence of peptide encapsulated in Chitosan/sodium alginate beads as the absorbance value was found to be more than cells only and peptide treated cells. Conclusively, Chitosan/sodium alginate beads can be utilized as a promising delivery vehicle after incorporating peptide based nanoadjuvants for enhancing the immune response.
Description: Master of Science -Biochemistry
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