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Title: Performance Analysis of Tyre Mounting Hub Leakage in JCB Robot 135 Machine
Authors: Singh, Jyoti
Supervisor: Lal, A. K.
Keywords: Tyre Mounting Hub Leakage;JCB Robot 135 Machine;Reliability;Availability;Failure and Repair Rate
Issue Date: 8-Sep-2017
Abstract: The name Reliability is given to the field of study that attempts to assign numbers to the propensity of a system to fail. It is observed that, most of the times a system fails due to human error. In a more restrictive sense, the term reliability is defined to be the probability of a system performing its mission successfully. Reliability is a function of time. The main aim of any manufacturing industry is to produce reliable items that work under stated conditions without failure. So, a performance study of manufacturing industries is the basic need of time in order to improve production process. Some of the manufacturing systems such as plastic pie, butter-oil manufacturing plant, chemical plant, piston manufacturing plant have earlier considered for their reliability and availability analysis. However, the performance analysis of tyre mounting hub leakage in JCB Robot 135 machine has not been studied so far. In this Thesis, definition and basic concepts of reliability have been discussed. A brief introduction to the Industry JCB India Pvt. Ltd. is given and We have defined the problems of the machine which the industry actually faces. The Mathematical formulation of one of the problems is carried out using Markov-Method. The Chapman-Kolomorgov differential equations are solved using Runga-Kutta Fourth order method to find out the reliability for various choices of failure and repair rates of the sub-systems. The availability of the system is calculated by solving the system of linear equations using Gauss elimination method.The effect of failure and repair rates on the reliability and availability have been studied in detail with the help of graphs and tables. Based on the present study, conclusions have been presented in the end.
Description: Master of Science -Mathematics & Computing
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