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Title: Financial Accounting System for India Government Mint, Noida: Project Report Volume 1
Authors: Arora, Sarabjit Singh
Supervisor: Kansal, Anant
Kansal, Anant
Keywords: Professional Management;Financial Accounting System;Management Information System;Computer Science and Engineering
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2008
Abstract: The use of computers as a tool for professional management is becoming a widely accepted technique. For this the managers who are the decision making authorities require the latest informatio about the status of the various resources available to them. Financial operations is a critical area in any organisation as it determines the overall productivity and profitability of the business. Hence the finincial operations is a key area in the Management Information System. It thus becomes essential to have an effective contrl over these operations and one of the best ways of acheiving this is through computisation of the processes involved. taking into considerations the above opinion, a system study was conducted at India government ministry, Noida. This report is a result of the study. This report describes the manual system existing and the computerised system proposed. The document involved in both the systems along with the outputs are described in the report. these specifications for the proposed system have been submitted to the Senior Works Manager, India government Ministry, Noida for the apporval of the user organisation. These seecifications will serve as guidelines for the development of the package.
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