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Title: Preparation and Characterization of BNT-BT-NZFO ME Composites
Authors: Kaur, Navpreet
Supervisor: Sharma, Puneet
Keywords: multiferroics;magnetoelectric composite;barium titnate
Issue Date: 30-Aug-2017
Abstract: In recent years, Multiferroics are the most interesting topic in the research because of its application in hard disk drives, permanent magnets, transducers and surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices. It shows high piezoelectric coefficient, high chemical stability and good magnetic properties. More work is done on lead based ferroelectric oxides e.g. PZT for synthesis of ME composites but due to their toxic nature nowadays researchers paid more interest to Non-Lead based ME coupled composites. Ba(ZrTi)O3 (BZT), BaTiO3 (BT), BFO and BNT are main piezoelectric materials which were used for preparing non lead based Magnetoelectric composites. Therefore, In the present work, (1-x) BNT-BT- xNZFO composites were prepared by Sol Gel method. The main focus was to investigate structural, dielectric, ferroelectric and magnetic properties of non lead based magnetoelectric composites.
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