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Title: Grid Synchronization of Hybrid System using PLL
Authors: Verma, Anurag
Supervisor: Prakash, Surya
Keywords: Boost converter;Incremental conductance method;Permanent synchronous wind generator(PMSWG);Phase locked loop(PLL);Power supply;Solar cell
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2017
Publisher: Thapar Uinversity
Abstract: The generated powers from conventional energy resources are not able to meet the power demands, so the different renewable energy resources are required to meet the rising power demand. Renewable energy resources are most suitable and best for distribution system and creates less pollution and global warming. In present work the renewable energy sources are taken into account so as to make the hybrid system. The basic circuit equation of the solar cell are used and a model has been developed in MATLAB including effects of solar irradiation and temperature. This project consist of PMSWG as a wind generator, PV module, DC-DC converter and voltage source inverter. Power control strategy is used to extract the maximum power by maximum power point control using perturbation & observation and incremental conductance method are used and simulated in MATLAB. The voltage source inverter interfaced with grid. The energy drawn from the wind turbine and PV module is transferred to the grid by keeping common DC link voltage constant. The simulation results shows the control performance and dynamic behavior of the hybrid wind-PV system.
Description: Master of Engineering -Power Electronics and Drives
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