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Title: Sharing of a Digital Secret Image by Diverse Media for more Security
Authors: Kaur, Tejbir
Supervisor: Kakkar, Ajay
Keywords: Data Security;Encryption
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2017
Abstract: The efficient algorithms require correct protocols for authentication and key management. It is intended to modify the available cryptographic algorithm to achieve more security and this will be done by incorporating visual cryptography. The visual cryptography is an efficient method to share our data in secured manner. Conventional Visual Secret Sharing (VSS) schemes are used to hide secret images in the shares that are either encoded or printed on transparencies. Natural visual secret sharing (NVSS) in which various carrier media is used to carry secret images Natural visual secret sharing (NVSS) in which various carrier media is used to carry secret images by a share to protect the secret and the participants during the transmission phase has been proposed. The proposed NVSS scheme shares one digital secret image over arbitrary selected natural images and one noise-like share. Our aim is to use visual cryptography for transmission of the secret image and to protect the network in order to keep the data confidential. The image is preprocessed, and then features extraction has been done. The PSNR values of digital and handmade image are 33.04 and 32.93 respectively. In feature extraction process thresholding, binarization and chaos process has been done. The median values of digital and handmade image come out to be 205 and 162 respectively. All the pixels have been arranged with respect to median values. Other techniques like encryption and pixel swapping have also been used. And at the end,to provide to our information more security, steganography has been used. The PSNR and elapsed time of the images has also been analyzed. The above work have its utility to transfer secret information over web, so that, intruder couldn’t detect it.
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