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Title: Existence of Noninner Automorphisms of Order-p in Some Finite p-Groups
Authors: Shivani
Supervisor: Kalra, Hemant
Keywords: Finite p-groups;Automorphism;Nilopotency;Frattini;Cyclic Group
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2017
Abstract: A long standing conjecture [10, Problem 4.13] asserts that every finite non- abelian p-group has a noninner automorphism of order p. The work pre- sented in this dissertation has been divided into three chapters. The first chapter is introductory. In chapter II, apart from setting up the notations and terminology to be used in sequel, we have presented some known results inter-related to our result. In chapter III, we studied the main results of Attar[14].
Description: Master of Science -Mathematics & Computing
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