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Title: Design and Fabrication of Reflective Meta Surface Based MSPA with Enhanced Gain
Authors: Ary, Aditi
Supervisor: Khanna, Rajesh
Keywords: Metamaterial;Reflective meta surface;Gain Enhancement
Issue Date: 16-Aug-2017
Abstract: Due to increasing interest in gain enhancement of micro strip patch antenna(MSPA) and integration of more than one wireless applications at different bands on a single antenna, concept of reflective meta-surfaces (RMS) comes into account, effectively, keeping the size of the radiating surface small. In this paper, a reflective meta-surface -inspired antenna is proposed for 3.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz band i.e. WiMAX and WLAN.The micro strip patch antenna is having dimension 50×60 mm2 and substrate height of 1.6mm, fabricated on Rogers duroid (5880).The antenna has two fine rectangular slots, which helps the antenna to achieve dual band operation at WiMAX (3.5GHz) and WLAN (5.8GHz). Microstrip feed technique is used which gives freedom to optimize impedance matching easily. The RMS surmounted at a height of 15 mm in air, above the radiating patch, mounted. The material used for manufacturing RMS is FR4 with thickness of substrate as 0.25mm. The pattern on the metasurface is conventional rectangular split ring resonator structure. Parametric analysis and simulation results validate that the reflective type meta-surface (RMS) mounted on micro strip patch antenna enhances the effective gain of antenna in both the band up to 2 dB. It also provides an appreciable impedance bandwidth of approx. 6.6% and 10% and gives a better form-factor. Along with the Gain, different properties of antenna i.e. radiation pattern, front to back ratio, return loss and VSWR are studied. The simulated and measured results of fabricated prototype unveil that the suggested work is suitable for emerging WLAN/WiMAX applications.
Description: Master of Engineering -ECE
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