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Title: Interference Aware Scheduling of Tasks on Cloud
Authors: Setia, Simran
Supervisor: Kumar, Rajesh
Keywords: Interference;cloudlets;cloud computing;Tasks scheduling
Issue Date: 11-Aug-2017
Abstract: Cloud Computing has created a lot of buzz in the IT industry. The idea of utility based computing has led to a paradigm shift. This is due to the availability of dynamically available hardware components and freely accessible software tools at a very low cost. The beauty of cloud computing lies in its scalability. It allows its users to scale the computing resources whenever they find it necessary. Cloud Computing works on the idea of subscription based model. Users simply have to pay on pay per use basis. With no in-house management requirements for server, cloud computing helps to save substantial capital costs in any kind of business. Apart from being a cost efficient method for computing, every cloud offers unlimited storage to its users. So the users need not worry about the maintenance of physical storage devices. It is much easier to recover the data on a cloud as compare to physical storage devices. Therefore, Cloud computing has proved to be an asset to IT industry. large scale business, science and engineering applications provide a glimpse of cloud computing has to offer to its users. However, these large scale applications do present a lot of challenges to be dealt with. One of them is interference among various tasks scheduled on remote resources. The problem of interference among C.P.U. intensive, network intensive and memory intensive tasks can significantly degrade the performance of a cloud computing application. Here, we present a interference free scheduling algorithm of various tasks aiming for better performance of cloud computing application.
Description: Master of Engineering -CSE
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