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Title: Cavity Soliton in VCSEL Using Graphene as Saturable Absorber
Authors: Kaur, Yashjee Butter
Supervisor: Jana, Soumendu
Keywords: Cavity Soliton;VCSEL;Saturable Absorber;Graphene
Issue Date: 8-Aug-2017
Abstract: In this thesis we show the generation and dynamics of cavity soliton in VCSEL with saturable absorber. For first time, we replace semiconductor saturable mirror by graphene saturable absorber (GSA) in the context of cavity soliton formation. GSA provides significantly higher nonlinear saturation with different strength of GSA coefficient. Cavity soliton has been generated the spontaneous dynamics of the generated cavity soliton are presented.
Description: Its the first attempt to generate cavity soliton in VCSEL with Graphene as saturable absorber
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