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Title: Soliton Force Microscopy Using Cavity Soliton
Authors: Kaur, Harleen
Supervisor: Jana, Soumendu
Keywords: Cavity Soliton;Saturable Absorber;Frequency Selective Feedback;Perturbation
Issue Date: 8-Aug-2017
Abstract: The movement of cavity soliton (CS) can be regulated by gradients of the system parameter. We studied the generation and dynamics of CS in VCSEL with saturable absorber (SA) and coupled with Frequency Selective Feedback (FSF) for different gradient and fluctuation of the system parameters. Periodic modulation, constant gradient and random fluctuation/gradient have been considered. Gradient modulation driven soliton dynamics for all these cases are presented extensively. The CS dynamics are found sensitive to the gradient. The result suggest that such CS dynamics can be used to scan a material surface as well as bulk any inhomogenities or defects of material can be detected intensively. This make the path for soliton force microscopy.
Description: Its a Master Thesis on cavity soliton that may lead to soliton force microscopy
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