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Title: Synthesis of Indole-Benzothiazole-Acridone Hybrids for Anticancer Activity
Authors: Khurana, Bhavya
Supervisor: Paul, Kamaldeep
Keywords: Molecular Hybridization;Anticancer Agents;Acridone;Benzothiazole;Indole
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2017
Abstract: Cancer is a major cause of mortality worldwide and is characterized by uncontrollable cell division. Various cancer drugs have been known for indole, benzothiazole and acridone moieties in one compound using molecular hybridization technique for more anticancer activity. Hybrid compound 3-(3-(benzo[d]thiazol-2-yl)-1H-indol-2-yl)-10-(2-(cyclohexylamino)acetyl)acridin-9(10H)-one was synthesized and further will be used for its biological activity as anti-cancer agent as well as DNA interaction.
Description: Master of Science -Chemistry
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