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Title: Voltage Stability Analysis and Improvement of Voltage Profile by Static VAR Compensator
Authors: Saini, Vivek
Supervisor: Jain, Sanjay K.
Kaur, Navdeep
Keywords: SVC;Continuation Power Flow;VSI;FACTS;PSO;Voltage Stability
Issue Date: 25-Jul-2017
Abstract: The bus voltage in power system depends on reactive VAR support, the poor voltage regulation is indicative of deficient reactive VAR and system is regarded as weak system. Voltage stability analysis is essential for the well operation of power system. Through voltage stability analysis the maximum loading capacity of the system has been computed and the most sensitive bus has been found. If the load increases further, the voltage collapse can be resulted. The reactive power support by the SVC in the network can effectively increase the limits of bifurcation point and hence used for voltage profile improvement. For this purpose, optimal rating of SVC has been identified using Particle Swarm Optimization taking voltage deviation at the bus as the objective function. The methodology used for finding the saddle point of the system is continuation power flow and results obtained are tried to be implemented on IEEE 30-bus system.
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