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Title: A Novel Demand Response Management based on Tertiary Frequency Support Using Smart Meter
Authors: Bakshi, Arijit
Supervisor: Singh, Nirbhow Jap
Singh, Mukesh
Keywords: Tertiary Demand response, smart meter
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2016
Abstract: The primary source of concern for the electrical utility companies today has been to maintain an excellent service reliability [1]. To realise this objective, power system is designed to operate at predicted power system condition, so that a balance occurs between the generation and transmission capabilities to full fill customer demands. However, due to the uncertain operating conditions which occurs due to the faults, forced outages or other kind of disturbances causes a shortage of generating capacity [2]. Therefore, it is essential that the insufficient generating capacity is realised quickly based on which the necessary steps are taken to recover system frequency before any kind of major outages occurs in the system [3].
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