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Title: Design and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antennas by Multi-Cavity Model for Various Wireless Applications
Authors: Asmita
Supervisor: Kaur, Jaswinder
Keywords: Slotted Patch;Multi cavity Model;L and S shaped strips;WLAN;IMT;WiMAX
Issue Date: 3-Oct-2016
Abstract: The advent of Printed Circuit board technology (PCB) made Microstrip Patch Antenna a reality. The modern era belongs to wireless technology which has brought the world very close such that the universe also seems closer. The credit of making the world a small place goes to antennas. Antennas form the essential and the most indispensable part of communication system. One such antenna that has made the communication easier and hustle free is Microstrip Patch Antenna. Being light weight, reliable, inexpensive, conformal and mechanically robust, they find their application in every next technology be it spacecrafts, aircrafts, radio detection and ranging systems, television, mobiles etc. No doubt they carry a blot of being low gain, narrow bandwidth and relatively large antennas, but the classical and regular patch antenna can be put into use by certain modifications like etching slots, stacking, using electromagnetic bandgap structures, lens covering etc. which make the regular patch antenna an unavoidable piece of technology. The advantages that this antenna embraces have constantly urged the researchers to do something new and innovative with it. The present thesis work revolves around the theoretical analysis of the behaviour of the slotted patch antenna by multi-cavity model; the reason which makes the slotted patch antenna multi-resonant has been looked upon. Also a compact CPW fed patch antenna has been designed for the purpose of making it serviceable for wireless applications like WLAN, WiMAX and IMT. Computer Simulation Technology (CST) Microwave studio V’14 has been used to simulate the designs and fulfilling the aforesaid aims.
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