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Title: Discontinuous Galerkin Method for LWR Traffic Flow Model
Authors: Kaur, Daljeet
Supervisor: Sharma, Sapna
Keywords: LWR Model, Discontinuous Galerkin Method
Issue Date: 22-Sep-2016
Abstract: In the present work we discussed the Discontinuous Galerkin method for LWR model for Traffic flow modeling. The basics of traffic flow theory are studied briefly. Traffic flow modeling is classified and some earlier important work in the field is discussed concisely. The 1st chapter of the thesis introduce the traffic flow modeling and various models discribing the traffic flow phenomenon. The LWR model is presented in details. Chapter two deals with the classification of differential equations, some important class of methods are disscussed to find the solution of the complex partial difierential equations. Hyperbolic PDEs are used to model traffic flow phenomena. There are very few methods available to find the solution of the complex PDEs. The Discontinuous Galerkin method is one of the higher order method used to simulate the traffic flow models. The discription of the method, numerical experiments and graphs are given in chapter 3.
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