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Title: Active and Reactive Power Control in An Islanded Solar Microgrid Using Droop Controller
Authors: Verma, Pankaj
Supervisor: Basak, Prasenjit
Keywords: solar microgrid;droop controller
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2016
Publisher: Thapar University
Abstract: In the study of control configuration of solar microgrid, in most of the cases, operation of the photovoltaic generator is represented considering a dc voltage source equivalent to the output of the photovoltaic generator. In this dissertation, implementation of the mathematical model of a photovoltaic generator is considered in the microgrid configuration which increases the analysis of the same in more practical aspect. Further, a power controller which works based on droopcharacteristics is proposed to control the real and reactive power in the islanded mode of microgrid operation. Improved results are observed for control of active and reactive power while the microgrid system is simulated with the proposed controller compared to the performance of the same working without controller. The entire analysis of the proposed solar microgrid model has been performed considering solar insolation, ambient temperature and shading effects of the photovoltaic generator. The model is simulated using Simulink-MATLAB software and found satisfactory results.
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