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dc.contributor.supervisorAgarwal, Ravinder-
dc.contributor.authorGoyal, Krittika-
dc.descriptionMaster of Engineering -EICen_US
dc.description.abstractAccording to Ayurveda, the root cause of the disease is imbalance of three doshas i.e. vat, pit and kaph. These doshas are the primary disease causing agents in the human body. The doshas derive from the five elements. Vat is composed of Space and Air, Pit of Fire and Water, and Kaph of Earth and Water. The health status of the person is examined by ayurvedic physician by feeling palpation from three fingers (index, middle and ring) placed on the radial artery for vat, pit and kaph, respectively. Examination of the pulse (Nadi Parikshan) requires a lot of experience in pulse reading. It depends upon the perception of the practitioner, hence there is a need to develop pulse diagnosis system to obtain accurate diagnosis of disease. Present work focuses on the design and development of the pulse diagnosis system, in which sensor MPXM2053D sensor from FREESCALE was used to sense the pulse signals from 21 subjects. Thereafter, the signal conditioning circuit was designed using instrumentation amplifier and amplified signal was displayed and analyzed on MSO. Real time monitoring was performed using myRIO DAQ card in LabVIEW. Further, filtering of pulse signal was performed and band energy ratio features was extracted. Classifier was used to classify healthy and unhealthy person and results were obtained with good accuracy.en_US
dc.subjectvat pit and kaphen_US
dc.subjectNadi Parikshanen_US
dc.titleA Pulse Based Sensor for Disease Diagnosisen_US
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