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Title: Efficiency Improvement By Energy Optimization Program In Energy Intensive Industries A Case Study of Satia Industries Limited, Muktsar (Punjab)
Authors: Chaturvedi, Rahul
Supervisor: Kumar, Sandeep
Joshi, Praveen
Keywords: Energy Optimization;Efficiency Improvement;Paper mill;Energy Management Plan
Issue Date: 8-Sep-2016
Abstract: This report is result of efforts to understand key performance indices in Thermal Power Plant & energy conservation and management in industries an attempt to improve them as a student of Thapar university, Patiala during one year internship project. Following paragraphs outline summary of background, analysis & recommendations of the study. Energy is the necessary in industry to required for production as well as generation of electricity. It is contribute quality of life and economically generation by optimize their resources for economically and quality improvement. future energy demand will be increases so that the resources of fuel decreases in future estimate that the 15% to 20% energy we can save by adopting suitable energy optimize programme. Due to environmental degradation and pollution, world over practices conserve water, reduce co2 emission. Bureau of energy efficiency has made energy audit mandatory for about 680 biggest energy consuming plants in the country. Some targets for reducing energy will set for them. This firm amongst them. Study of operation of entire power plant and recommend best solution for optimizing the efficiency where ever possible. study of thermal systems as well as electrical system in energy intensive industry. Study of the power plant and achieve maximum efficiency through Analyse the energy performance. Energy performance of heat loss by the system , which include radiation and convection loss by the system. leading to energy and cost savings where ever possible. Performance assessment of steam distribution system which is a valuable source of heat and pure water and condensate recovery through steam trap management My results reveal that industry does not care about the energy management and there is an energy efficiency gap which is resulting lack of energy technology provided by the industry .It was reveal that the energy saving measures in the industry have potential to recover these energy wastage and implement energy efficient technology.
Description: M.Tech (Environmental Science and Technology) Dissertation
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