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Title: Compact UWB Antenna Design For Personal Area Network Wireless Applications
Authors: Kaur, Sukhdeep
Supervisor: Khanna, Rajesh
Keywords: UWB,;Bandwidth;WPAN;ANN
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2016
Abstract: Now a days Wireless communications have been rising with an astounding rate. Device size is reducing day by day with the development of wireless systems. Recent wireless devices provide various Wireless Personal Area Network Applications (WPAN) such as home for entertainment purpose such as digital video disc( DVD), LCD High-Definition TV( HDTV )and , multimedia applications like video conferencing, and online gaming etc. WPAN give the freedom to interconnect various devices in a home or office without wires. Additionally fast data rate is the prime requirement for such type of devices. The high data rate can be obtained by enhancing the bandwidth. Ultra wideband Antenna is the most promising way to achieve large bandwidth due to very large frequency spectrum ranging from 3.1 GHz to 10.6 GHz .It is very challenging task to design a UWB antenna because it should be competent enough to provide the wide band according to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) norms. This thesis work focus on compact size UWB antenna proposed to cover the wide band for WPAN applications. Analytical model is used to design the UWB antenna for target frequency without using mathematical values. After theoretically designing the proposed UWB antennas, they are analyses and simulated with the help of HFSS and CST software’s. The wet etching and photolithography process is used for the fabrication of antenna and the results are measured using vector network analyzer (VNA). The different parameters of proposed antennas such as reflection coefficient, 2D and 3D radiation pattern and current distribution have been observed. Finally one of the proposed UWB antenna is also optimized using neural network. In this thesis mainly three UWB antennas are discussed for various WPAN applications. The first type of compact UWB antenna with Hexagonal patch shape has been studied. In the second type a staircase patch antenna has been discussed. This antenna is modified using Defected ground structure. Flower type DGS is introduced to reduce the size of antenna as well as improve the impendence bandwidth. In the third design a rectangular shaped antenna with different step size is used to achieve wider bandwidth .This antenna is further optimized using artificial neural network (ANN).All the proposed antennas achieve UWB frequency range with compact size hence can be applicable for various WPAN applications
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