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Title: CAE Analysis of HVAC Module of Car Air Conditioning System
Authors: Jadon, Anjana Singh
Supervisor: Singh, Daljeet
Saini, J. S.
Keywords: Optimization;Static Analysis;Dynamic Analysis
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2016
Abstract: The aim of the automobile industry, because of the stiff competition these days is to provide better quality and least cost of any component or part used in automobile vehicles. The change of design of any part or component can be done by using the different Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools in less time, thereby reducing the time to market. In the present work, the vibration characteristics of heating, ventilating and cooling system by using the CAE tools such as Altair hyper works are determined. Both static and dynamic analysis are done on the HVAC module of the car. Dynamic analysis consisted of two analyses i.e. Normal Modes Analysis and Frequency Response Analysis. The Normal Modes Analysis is performed to determine the different mode shapes of the HVAC at the natural frequencies and the frequency response analysis is performed to determine the stresses in all the directions. The above methodology is used to analyse the HVAC module and a new optimized model is proposed, that is having lesser mass and reduced stress as compared to the original HVAC module.
Description: ME-CAD/CAM Engg. Dissertation
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