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Title: Integration of Animal Power with other Renewable Energy Systems for OFF-Grid Stations
Authors: Sharma, Harpreet
Supervisor: Singh, Mooninder
Keywords: Renewable Sources;off-grid stations;simulation;Animal Power
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2016
Abstract: The described study comprises of modelling with the dynamic simulation of micro integrated power system. Intended to provide electricity for remote o -grid stations by using animal power integrated with other renewable systems. Although the num- ber of draught animals is huge, but their potential for power generation has not been considered. This work provides novel approach for generation and control of power. It consists of a Photovoltaic generator, Diesel generator set, high output alternator, fully controlled converter, fuzzy controller, battery bank and an inverter. All the sim- ulation required for the system is implemented using MATLAB/Simulink simulation environment. Animal power serves not only as alternative source for power generation but also provides stability to the system. Fuzzy logic based controller is applied to control and maintain the DC output from converter at constant value by controlling the ring angle of converter. Fuzzy logic controller has been found appropriate for controlling the output DC link .With the use of this simulation model, virtual ex- periments are carried out that give graphical results which mimics the experimental results. Successful simulation of generation and control of power has been achieved. The power at output can be stored in batteries or can be used directly after conver- sion to AC voltage using inverter. This proposed method is free from emission, low installation cost, low maintenance, long life and any skilled or unskilled person can run the system
Description: Master of Engineering-EIC
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