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Title: Design and Implementation of a Solar Based Smart Street Lighting System
Authors: Goyal, Sheenam
Supervisor: Singh, Shakti
Keywords: Solar based smart street light, energy storage, intensity control, STM8S003F3P6, LEDs, PIC16F887
Issue Date: 22-Aug-2016
Abstract: Street lights are pervasive everywhere in almost every nook and cranny in a city. The conventional street lighting system administered physically offers many drawbacks such as high power consumption, high cost, wastage of power, no LDR (light dependent reistor) sensor, battery theft problem and there is no effective monitoring system. This work represents the performance of photovoltaic (PV) based smart street lighting system for energy storage and intensity control of light application. The system is controlled by a microcontroller unit STM8S003F3P6 by discerning the PV cell voltage and trigerring pulse width modulation (PWM) wave to limit intensity based upon state of charge (SOC) of battery. Light emitting diodes (LED) lighting technology is used which offers many benefits like reduction in power consumption, environment friendly, long life time expectancy, high luminous efficacy and no toxic content. The cell type battery is used mounted on printed circuit board (PCB) which remains away from battery theft problem. This proposed design has advantages such as low power consumption, small size, effective monitoring, extend in service life of lighting equipment and high luminous efficacy.
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