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Title: Effect Of Cutting Parameters On Surface Finish And Noise Patterns For Machining Of EN-24 Steel With TiAlN Coated Tungsten Carbide Inserts IN 3-AXIS Vertical End Milling Operation
Authors: Dayal, Amrita
Supervisor: Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar
Singh, Daljeet
Keywords: Surface Finish;EN-24 steel;3-axis vertical end milling;Machining noise
Issue Date: 12-Aug-2016
Abstract: CNC machines are found to be very effectively beneficial and profitable in modern production floors. In industries surface finish is an important aspect of the end products produced. Although many efforts have been made to produce products of good surface finish with lesser tool wear and minimal machining cost but still research is going on regarding production of good surface finish of hardened material at high speed as well as reduction in the noise levels produced during machining. The machining operations are always accompanied by some peculiar noise pattern. Such noise in a shop floor may be a danger for human safety as well as behavioral changes. So it is also desirable that the machining noises should also be considered as a factor in study of effect of machining parameters on optimization of surface roughness thus obtained. In the existing thesis work an effort has been made to establish the optimum levels of cutting velocity, radial and axial cut depth to achieve a best surface finish of EN-24 alloy steel for wet machining conditions using Houghton Hocut B50S semi synthetic coolant while simultaneously observing the noise patterns generated during machining on 3-axis vertical end milling with tungsten carbide insert based flat end milling cutter. So that the best surface finish at minimum sound level can be achieved. The main aim of this work is to reduce the health risk of the operators. To optimize the machining parameters so that the best surface finish and minimum sound level can be achieved. Also, further online condition monitoring can also be achieved further for industrial use.
Description: Master of Engineering
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