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Title: Artificial Bee Colony based Fisheye State Routing Dissemination Technique
Authors: Divya
Supervisor: Kumar, Rajesh
Issue Date: 11-Aug-2016
Abstract: It is seen that in the few upcoming years, it is noticeable that road accidents are increasing. For this real time traffic information’s like road accident notification, warning messages etc are disseminated by mobile vehicles. A possible way to prevent mis-happening is to use safety applications which exchange information using wireless networks. Each vehicle can thus actively participate in sharing the information with other nodes which involved in forming a infrastructure-less, self- organizing network. So, improving in road safety is a strong matter of analysis and interest. The use of VANETs for the dissemination of data flows has gained attention. For this vehicle-to-vehicle communication are employed. For the efficient networking of packet among vehicles on highways, it is necessary to implement efficient algorithm. Main reason to disseminate safety message is to inform early, so that drivers can take effective decision. For efficiently disseminating safety messages an Efficient FSR(Fisheye State Routing) protocol is used. Fisheye State Routing (FSR) protocol improves conventional Link State routing in VANETs by adopting the idea of Artificial bee colony (ABC). In this paper, we proposed an effective ABC based Fisheye State Routing. This methodology is advantageous of less control message exchange by abandoning the exhausted food source. A next forwarder is elected on the basis of fitness value and that node is the node in the region which further disseminate the message to nodes of next region. Considerable amount of bandwidth can be saved using this methodology. Simulation Results shows that ABC based FSR is more effective and optimized than FSR, specially in high density network.
Description: Master of Technology-Computer Science Applications
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