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Title: An Application For Mobile Customers Using Speech Synthesis
Authors: Rana, Keshav Singh
Supervisor: Kaur, Rupinderdeep
Keywords: Speech synthesis;Concatenative speech;Android OS
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2016
Abstract: In the past decade, demand for mobile phones has seen a consistent rise if other portable computing devices taken into consideration. When confronted with a query, people first take out their mobile phones with internet connections instead of going for other options such as Laptops or PCs. When it comes to software development, the first choice of a developer would be Android OS because of its open source licensing and the sheer number of users all around the world. Text to speech is a process of generating speech by a device on the basis of input text. The focus of proposed work is to develop an application for mobile customers who are unable to get solution to their problems because of the language barriers. Many companies do provide support for regional languages to solve their customer’s issues, however they haven’t yet developed a software application for Hindi. So, a questionnaire is formed on the basis of frequently asked questions by mobile customers and created a database as a solution for both English and Hindi. Speech synthesis will have an important role for the people with sight disabilities.
Description: Master of Engineering-Information Security
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