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Title: Effective Test Case Generation for Load Testing of Web Server using River Formation Dynamics
Authors: Sandhu, Gurleen Kaur
Supervisor: Kaur, Rupinderdeep
Keywords: software testing;river formation dynamics;test case generation;meta-heuristic based test case generation
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2016
Abstract: Load Testing is one of the important tasks while evaluating the performance of any system whether it is a software module or hardware component. The load testing is generally associated with the software systems in which the incoming traffic on the software module is pushed and then checked by which aspect and performance it is behaving. Using load testing, the overloading or over-traffic in the incoming packets can be tested. Web Server is one of the classical software systems which are tested under various scenarios and the load in terms of input variables. In any web application, there are number of input variables and parameters which are required to be uploaded or processed during acceptance by the web server. Using load testing, the random values or files can be processed in the web server on increasing order so that the threshold of tolerance can be checked. Using this approach, the load testing of web server can be implemented. A number of approaches and algorithms are devised and implemented so far by number of researchers; still nature inspired algorithms are getting fame due to their higher optimization criteria. In this research work, a nature inspired approach river formation dynamics is proposed and implemented for the test case generation. It is found in the implementation that this approach is performing effectively and providing better and refined test cases which can be processed by the web server.
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