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dc.contributor.supervisorKakkar, Ajay-
dc.contributor.authorKaur, Harpreet-
dc.description.abstractData security is an essential component of an organization in order to keep the information safe from various competitors. It helps to ensure the privacy of a user from others. An unsecured channel becomes more vulnerable to the threats that can lead to data corruption, hacking or compromise of user’s identity and privacy Hence, secured and timely transmission of data is always an important aspect for an organization. Current aspects of cryptography and need of data security in communication are discussed in the beginning of this thesis. It also covers the various digital techniques employed for the data security with their merits and demerits. The work done by the various researchers in the field of cryptography has also been discussed. Observations from literature survey, problem formulation, objectives and research mythology has been formulated to design a new methodology. Proposed scheme meets the objectives such as less time consumption for signature generation and secure communication. After presenting the proposed schemes, their results and comparison with existing schemes of Yang and Kot, Tzeng and Tsai, Wu and Liu has been done on the basis of original data manipulation, bit length of signature generated, and compression supportability. Finally, it has been concluded that both the proposed schemes are well efficient in securing the image data with reduced signature length, also the advanced proposed scheme itself acts as encryption tool therefore, no separate encryption is required for additional security of image. Both the schemes works real fast and hence suitable for real time applications.en_US
dc.subjectDigital Signaturesen_US
dc.titleImage Authentication and Security using Digital Signaturesen_US
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