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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Aug-2015Life cycle assessment of a building at an educational institutionBabu, K. S.; Aditya, Kanwar
15-Sep-2015In situ bioremediation of Chromium contaminated soil using a novel cationic lipopeptide biosurfactant from Alcaligenes aquatilis sp.Babu, K. S.; Sekaran, G.; Varadarajan, Aishwarya
24-Aug-2015Biosynthesis of Selenium (Se) Nanoparticles and their use as Co-Catalyst for Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Photocatalysed Degradation of DyeTejo Prakash, N.; Pal, Bonamali; Ahluwalia, Sania
24-Aug-2015Heterogeneous photocatalytic (slurry and immobilized) and photo-Fenton (using Foundry Sand) degradation studies of 2-Chloro-4-nitrophenolVerma, Anoop; Aggarwal, Kashish
24-Aug-2015Comparison of Dispersion Models in the Assessment of Air Quality due to Vehicular EmissionsDhir, Amit; Goyal, Upasana
24-Aug-2015PAH Degradation in Artificially Lubricant Contaminated SoilRajor, Anita; Ipsita
24-Aug-2015Performance evaluation and design analysis of the sewage treatment plant based on the anaerobic baffled reactorReddy, A. S.; Kaur, Ramandeep
24-Aug-2015Liquid–Liquid Extraction of Indicator Dyes into Imidazolium based Ionic LiquidsRajor, Anita; Singh, Neetu; Mahajan, Suchita
24-Aug-2015Comparative study of alcohol blends on biocatalyzed hydrolysis and transesterification of cottonseed oilTejo Prakash, N.; Prakash, Ranjana; Nain, Preeti
24-Aug-2015Environmental analysis of Thapar technological campus and environmental management plan developmentReddy, A. S.; Sharma, Kushboo