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Title: Water quality sensing with sensors and mobile smart phone
Authors: Mourya, Ghanshyam
Supervisor: Saxena, Sharad
Garhwal, Sunita
Keywords: Pollutents;Contamination;water quality;computer science;computer applications;wireless sensors;Android apps;CSE
Issue Date: 25-Aug-2015
Abstract: The goal of research work is to purpose a model for the water quality measurement using wireless multi parameter sensors that are portable, easy to use, and accurate. Such technologies might conceivably be beneficial for a significant bit of the world's population who utilize ground water that is neither treated nor tested. In this research, we had used easily available wireless multi parameter sensors utilizing a methodology taking into account joining with portable advanced mobile phones. As, smart phones are advanced gadgets with components including a touch-based interface, web network, and working frameworks equipped for running application programming (apps). So, reconciliation of these components with multi parameter sensor equipment can yield another class of sensors with expanded convenience, information versatility, and general advance. The wireless multi parameter sensor model made in this work is in view of a sensor connection that wirelessly joins with android based phones to perform water quality measurements without water sampling. The wireless sensor model remotely communicates with an Android smart phone through Bluetooth connection. This multi parameter sensor is capable for measuring pH, temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and conductivity with precision and accuracy similar to industry-standard. The recognizing components of our model incorporates high portability, operation without instruction manuals by interaction with a client through a GUI, high data mobility by using the web network of smart phones, and quick water quality measurement.
Description: M.Tech-CSA-Thesis
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