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Title: Modeling of phasor measurement unit (PMU) using various phasor estimation techniques in matlab
Authors: Modi, Priyanka
Supervisor: Kamboj, Sangeeta
Keywords: PMU;DSP;Estimator techniques;phasor;EIED;electrical;Electrical and Instrumentation
Issue Date: 24-Aug-2015
Abstract: Present economies are becoming fully dependent on electric power supplies for their routine activities and it becomes an essential condition to have a reliable power system. PMU is the technology used for wide area grid visibility and avoids blackout conditions. Power system monitoring, analysis, protection and control can be done using PMU. Instantaneous voltage and current at a specific node in power transmission system can be measured using a PMU. The delivery of electric power from grids to user is indicated by voltage and current parameter. Global Positioning System (GPS) is used for time stamping of the power signal in PMU. In PMU phasor estimation technique is used to measure phasor value of voltage / current signal. The mechanism involved in the phasor estimation process is necessary for correct phasor data interpretation and analysis, as well as for design of advanced control and protection schemes. In the work, Modeling of PMU has been done in MATLAB software. The phasor estimation techniques such as zero crossing, DFT (Recursive and Non-recursive) and Sliding DFT has been used to compute magnitude and phase value of input signal. Three cases have been considered to get the output of PMU Model. Also the comparison of results obtained using phasor estimation techniques has been done in the work. The sampling rate upto 6.4 KHz has been taken in modeling of PMU.
Description: ME-EIC-Thesis
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